Our Advent Competition Details

Our Advent Competition Details


Our Advent Competition will run Dec 1st – 24th  and will be the prizes as shown on our social media pages


1st Dec Lacoste Rouge

Twitter  Winner =    ** Karen from Derbyshire,

Facebook Winner = ** Stuart from Pembrokeshire

2nd Dec  – Ck One

Twitter Winner =   **Natasha from Walsall

Facebook Winner =   **Janet from West Yorks.

3rd Dec – Cheryl Storm Flower

Twitter Winner = ** Elaine from Renfrewshire

Facebook Winner = **Destiny from Blackburn

4th Dec = Beyonce Heat

Twitter Winner = **Philip from Skelmersdale,

Facebook Winner = **Brooke from Cambridgeshire

5TH DEC = OPI Nail Set

Twitter =  **Hannah from Rotherham

Facebook =  **Angela from Newport / Lucie from Rugby

6th Dec = Joop Nightflight

Twitter =  **Laura from Galashiels

Facebook =  Barrie from Wrexham

7th Dec = Beckham Signature

Twitter =   **Doug from Norwich

Facebook =  **Victoria from Liverpool

8th Dec = Agent Nail Set

Twitter =   **Jules from Hammersmith

Facebook = **Michelle from Glasgow

9th Dec = Burberry Fragrance

Twitter =   **Ruth from Peterborough

Facebook =  **Adrian from Northampton

10th Dec = Paco Rabanne Fragrance

Twitter =  **Karen from Lancashire

Facebook = ** Carmel from Doncaster

11th Dec = Lipsy Gift Set

Twitter =  **Sammi from Bolton

Facebook = **Paumala from London

12th Dec = Decleor for Men set

Twitter = **Daniel from Huddersfield

Facebook = **Darren from Jersey

13th Dec = Rhianna Fragrance

Twitter = **Dawn from Ipswich

Facebook =  **Issabelle from Nottingham

14th Dec =  Jimmy Choo Shower Gel

Twitter =  ** Jim from glasgow

Facebook =  **Lee from Rotherham

15th Dec= NYX Lipstick Set

Twitter = ** Mary from London

Facebook = **Amy from Pembrokeshire

16th Dec = Decleor Candle

Twitter =     Saz

Facebook = **Sophie from Shrewsbury

17th Dec = Diesel Plus Plus

Twitter =  Tim from Lincoln

Facebook = Chris from

18th Dec = Style Beauty Crackers

Twitter =  Hayley from
Facebook = **Lorraine from Watford

19th Dec = Ciate Nail Set

Twitter = **Reina from Witham

Facebook = **Vicki from Essex

20th Dec = Taylor Swift Perfume

Twitter = Grace from

Facebook = **Pam from Dover

21 Dec = Katy Perry Fragrance

Twitter = **Tina from Kent
Facebook = **Louise from Poole

22nd Dec = Betty Boop Fragrance

Twitter = **Claire from Powys

Facebook = **Hollie from Kent

23rd Dec = Q-Ki Diva Makeup Set

Twitter = **Alison from Isle of Man

Facebook = **Katherine from South Wales




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